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Welcome at SL10B by Us

Feed a smile, our official charity event

* Welcome at SL10B by Us website!
Please, visit our planning page to know all details.

June 30 : Closing Day

Hello all!


It's the closing day of SL10B by Us. The Last day to visit our sim, our shops, to take your freebies, and to participate to our hunt!


For the closing day, we invite you to a show created by Rubis Topaz : Fantaisies Africaines ( 2 PM)


Taxi :


We will thanks to all our friends sims, which participate at SL10B by Us. They organized a lot of crazy events!Thanks also to our creators, who give two very nice gifts (for the freebie in their shops, and for the hunt)


Thanks all for your visits! and hope to see you today, for our closing day!The party begin at 1 PM with a djset.


Special thanks to Brique Topaz from Feed a Smile and Ipunin Pera from Gardens of Absentia. They organized some nice events, but also for what they do in Second Life.


Feed a Smile!feed-a-smile/c1ijw

Gardens of Absentia!gardens-of-absentia/c1hp2


Visit their place, share your linden love and take informations!














SL10B by Us

The 10th Birthday 

of Second Life

An intersim event.

Each place will organize an event.


* A nice blog post about SL10B by Us!


* Dont' forget to visit our Charity Place



Gardens of Absentia

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